Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Years Eve 2007

I finally decided to start blogging at the beginning of '08 when I realized that I was sick of not capturing the events that happen in my life. At that point I committeed to "remembering" 2008. I'll start by welcoming in the New Year.

Ever since I can remember me and my sisters have hosted a New Year's Eve Party. At the beginning, the invitations were only sent to certain cabbage patch kids and stuffed bunnies (although I think Steph still thinks the bunnies were real). As the years have past, we've put the inanimate objects on the shelf and decided to extend the invitations to actual human beings. Somehow the parties just keep getting better and better every year. This year my sweet little friend Becky came to join us for our celebration. It was so wonderful having her here. She makes me laugh.

About Time

Well I guess I'm finally going to enter the blogging world. I've been living on the edge for quite some time and decided to finally take the plunge. Somehow I've got to remember and take note of what I do in life and the 'ol journal is just not working for me. I hope you enjoy the little snapshot of my life.