Monday, May 30, 2011

January –March Randomness

Victor came to visit.  The Sakala’s moved the beginning of November and I miss their boys a lot.  Victor came to pick up his reports and stopped to say hi before he joined his family in Petauka. 


My Dad bought all the kids at the CRC brand new books.  They were so excited about it.  Even now, they keep their books with them in their beds and love to look through them.  Thanks Pops!


Valley High School from Salt Lake City prepared 60 Christmas presents for all the kids at my school.  These are the moments when I wish every person who has ever donated to our little school could see what joy their donations bring to our students. 


Two of my most favorite people in the world came to visit in March.  If I could have just an eighth of the goodness these two have I would be forever grateful.  BJ and Sandy are the most compassionate women I have ever met.  I’m so grateful for their incredible examples.


Phillip the fix-it-man.  It is sure nice having Phillip around to fix all the little things that have been broken since the last time he was here.  Had to get a picture of his outfit.  Hilarious!!!


Alice is super tired lately.  She falls asleep in class frequently.  One day she fell asleep and then fell right off the chair.  So sad.  Sweet little girl.  She’ll fall asleep anywhere.


We had a District activity and Thelma and I made almost three hundred sandwiches for all who attended.  We spent a good two hours just putting the sandwiches together.  That’s a lot of food.


Phillip put in a zipline for the kids.  Do you think our kids are spoiled?


One of the happiest changes at the CRC is having Ireen and her boys with us.  Ireen and the family moved out here in December.  It is such a blessing having her here.  She is forever smiling and happy.  She works harder than anyone.  She is a dear friend.  She’s always telling everyone how much she loves them.  She keeps the kids clean.  If it weren’t for her I would never have clean clothes.  I LOVE having Ireen around.


Festus needed his picture taken.


Gift’s shoes.  Do you think he needs another pair?