Sunday, July 4, 2010

Family Day, Uniforms, Baptisms, and Donations

This past month has been full of adventures.  Well this past year has been full of adventures but I’m just going to focus on the June adventures for now (adventures with my Dad post coming soon…). 

The volunteers are here in Zambia which means I get lots of people to talk, laugh, and cry with.  I love the volunteers.  I love the friendships.  I love their hearts and all that they give to these wonderful people. 

Mothers Without Borders School had our very first Family Day on June 17th.  It was amazing!  We invited all the families of the students that attend MWB school.  The turn out was great.

We had a medical screening where Dr Brian and our highly qualified nurses checked every adult and child that showed up to the CRC.

ZamDad 294

I was in charge of collecting the cards from everyone and sorting them into families.  As I stood at the door of the school, which had been transformed into a medical clinic, I looked outside at all the people and my heart just swelled.  The CRC has always been dear to my heart and seeing the progress of the land brought me great joy.  There were groups all over the land learning about brushing their teeth and washing their hands.  We had an obstacle course and circle games.  I saw all this from where I was standing and just kept thinking about how much life there was here.  The place was on fire and I loved to see my two worlds working together to bless each others lives.  What a miracle!!!

ZamDad 296         ZamDad 297  

After the activities were done, we had everyone sit in the amphitheater as families.  Then we passed out a little bag full of medicine for each family.  We thanked them for coming and everyone went home happy.

ZamDad 301

ZamDad 302

ZamDad 293

After the families left the volunteers gathered together to watch the kids at the CRC perform.

ZamDad 309

While we were waiting we got to add our handprint to the warehouse wall (my second handprint for the wall).  It didn’t turn out the way I was expecting but it’s certainly unique.

ZamDad 303 ZamDad 305 ZamDad 308

When the kids were ready we were treated with a remarkable performance.  I cried for the first 15 minutes.  I love these kids so much.  Seeing them perform made me realize how grateful I am to be here with them.  I’m a lucky girl.

  ZamDad 314

ZamDad 319

The July team also brought lots of good things with them.  The team came out on Thursday and with them came uniforms for the children.  Not just any uniforms but each one (over fifty) was hand sewn by incredibly lovely women.  We took a before and after picture.  Just this week I was looking at the clothes the kids were wearing and was trying my hardest not to burst out in laughter.  They wear the most outrageous things and as cute as they are, I am sooo grateful for these uniforms.


Don’t they look sharp?  Such a huge difference.


Of course I cried (since when is that new?) when I walked in and saw them sizing the kids for their uniforms.  I was just in awe at how amazing some people can people.  Below are the women who headed up this huge project.  They are amazing!

IMG_0385 IMG_0386 IMG_0387

Another huge miracle, Nchimunya got baptized!  Nchimunya and her siblings have been with MWB for a long time.  They’ve always gone to church and believed it but weren’t able to be baptized until they were 18.  Nchimunya turned 18 in March, took the discussions, and was baptized in June.  It was beautiful!  

ZamDad 290

All the kids were able to come witness the baptism as well.  Nchimunya’s a great example for the others at the farm.

ZamDad 291

These kids have been spoiled this past month.  Bob and Christy donated a brand new TV/DVD player and the kids just love it. 

IMG_0394 IMG_0391 

Speaking of donations…people are wonderful.  I’ve been so grateful for the kindness of all the volunteers.  I was in need of some new backpacks so a friend of mine whipped out fifty of them.  The kids love them.

ZamDad 285

ZamDad 284

ZamDad 287

More adventures to come…