Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Vision

Back in November I had this amazing “vision” of the school.  Please indulge me as I include an excerpt from a couple of my journal entries:

November 3, 2009:

…a few minutes later I finally put all the pieces together and Heavenly Father opened the door and let me see a little piece of what this could become (I’m referring to the school). We are surrounded by wonderful beautiful children that all need an education. This is just the beginning of something grand. It’s not just the MWB kids that will be educated it will be the children of the workers of the nearby farm, it will be the neighbors in the nearby hut, it will be the kids that came jogging with me today, it will be the children that can’t afford to go to school. Someday we’ll have a real school that will educate the children of Africa the way they should be educated…what I saw in my head was wonderful and beautiful and gave me so much hope that my meager efforts are not in vain. Heavenly Father truly does have a plan and it’s much bigger than what I’ve been able to see…There are people (not just those at MWB) who want and need this school. There are people (not just those at MWB) who are expecting their children to go to this school. There are people (not just those at MWB) who will benefit from having a school so far out of the way from everything…Today I had a glimpse into the future…

Here is a picture of the kids we started the school with:


Now to another journal entry from last week:

February 9, 2010:

…so remember the “vision” I had a few months ago in regards to the school, anyway, it’s starting to come true. The kids are coming and I love it. We now have 9 extra kids from the surrounding areas. I LOVE that the parents can just come, drop their kids off, and we’ll educate them. How wonderful is that? I feel like my heart is going to burst.  I just want them to keep coming. I want to have like 50 kids before we finish the year… the Lord has sent his little children to be taught in our school and taught they will be. I just looked at all the kids today in their raggedy clothes and halfway done hair with their flip flops and just had to smile at how exciting it all was. Sometimes, I get a little glimpse of how great this all is and it just makes me want to do cartwheels…so there you have it we’ll just keep filling up these classrooms and be grateful to have so many to love and care for and TEACH…

Here’s a picture of all the new kids that have come since we started the school (there are two missing from this picture):


February 21, 2010

We now have almost 40 adorable children starting from the age of 3 on up to 15.  We keep having parents come with their children and I finally had to start turning people away because we just don’t have the resources we need to be able to educate all the children out here…but…soon enough…little by little…we’ll continue to grow and the vision will become a reality.

More pictures to come…