Sunday, September 21, 2008

End of Summer Fun

After I got back from Africa I made a list of all the things I needed to get done in the near future. I've managed to cross a few things off the list but every time I look at it I see the word...BLOG! So I started this blog about the women in Africa over a month ago and I just can't seem to complete it. It's hard to explain how incredible these women are so I've decided to continue to postpone the women of Africa post and move on to something not as heavy. Here's a little recap into the post-Africa, pre-job life of Heather Raddatz.

The adjustment from Zambia to America was a little more difficult this year than it has been in years past. I spent the rest of my summer with my family trying my best to feel comfortable in my American skin.

The first fun event was Stephanie's play. My sisters are amazing. Stephanie has performed on a number of occasions and I have been fortunate enough to attend most of these events. I know I may be biased but my sister has, hands down, the most incredible voice of anyone I've ever heard. It is such a delight to listen to her sing. She performed as Nephi's wife in the play "With Mine Own Hand." It was fabulous.

(Stephanie thinks the blue headband in the picture below is too big. I totally disagree.)
Second big adventure was a trip to Crater Lake with my pops, Steph, and her two adorable children. It was a quick two day trip and well worth the drive and all the exciting drama.

The following weekend was Hood to Coast. I should be writing a whole blog about H2C adventures. Let's just say I was on the greatest team of all time. (For those of you who read this blog and were on my team from last year, please disregard that last statement.) There's just something about being in a suburban rather than a car that makes the whole Hood to Coast experience much more pleasant.
(Please take note that I am the only one without a medal. Apparently, the slowest person on the team is not rewarded with such an honor.)
(I love this picture of tiny Heidi in front of these big burly men. It makes her look so tough.)

After Hood to Coast I had the great pleasure of watching my sister's kids while she and her husband celebrated their tenth anniversary kayaking on the Puget Sound. That might sound fun except for the fact that it was freezing cold the whole time they were there. They should have stayed home and played with us. We had much more fun.

Took a trip to the OMSI for free (anything for free is fantastic).

Played at the castle park. Okay, let's be honest, I sat on the bench and yelled at the kids to keep their eye on Holly so she didn't fall and crack her head open. But look everyone is smiling, almost.
Then we went bowling. This picture is classic. Depicts our time at the bowling alley perfectly. I sure do love these kids. They are just a bundle of joy. Sure wish my siblings would go away more often. There's nothing more fun than playing mom for the weekend. Love it.
I also visited with a dear family from my mission. Sure love those Spradlin's, they've always treated me like gold.

And after all started...and...the fun stopped.
Okay, not really. The fun continues but I don't have any more pictures to prove it. We did have a wonderful b-day party for Heidi, went on a fun camping trip with the fam, and I've had a blast playing with all my wonderful Oregon friends. Life is good!!!
And finally, one of the greatest battle wounds of all time. Isn't it a beauty? Wish I could make the picture a little bigger and some how make it look like there's a lot more blood gushing down my leg. Sigh...


Stacie Raddatz said...

I can't believe summer is coming to an end. Is it really over? Today it is raining (rare for UT) and I hear myself saying, "Did I do enough?" But I should be happy since Autumn is my favorite, right? I love your pitures of the Hood relay. And that gushing gash in your leg is pretty impressive. And I miss my kids' "Mommy #2".

Brenna said...

I love that battle wound Hed! Gorgeous! Hope the scab is equally impressive.

Next time we talk on the phone, can we please talk about your running H2C? Seriously!

One of these days, you'll have to come on down and run Wasatch Back. Joy!

And, did I mention - I "sure loved" talking to you on the phone! Love love!

Emily Gunderson said...

You're so funny. I was thinking of you the other day while helping my little neighbor with her pre-algebra. I wanted to call you to make sure I wasn't teaching her know with all the new-fangled discovery stuff, I didn't know if my way still worked. Never fear, the next day she told me she got 100%.

Keep blogging. Please don't disappoint your fan base (me).

Heidi said...

Loved the happy post. Especially the cute pics of my kids. You guys really did have a lot of fun. Just tell me the next weekend you want us to go away and we'll go! No questions asked. We are very spoiled to have you as part of our family.

Stephanie said...

Thanks for all the flattery. You're super nice. And super tough. Too bad once you wiped the blood off you leg it didn't look nearly as impressive. Good work on filling up your summer. I guess thats what you have to do when you are a teacher. I LOVE YOU!

Aplanalps said...

You can come be a mom to my kids anytime. I will go away for 2 weeks! Sure miss you! Come see me. I am running a 5K in a few weeks and am proud of myself. Good for you for running however far the hood to coast is. I am sure it is longer that 5K. Baby steps, that is what I keep telling myself.

A & M Ras said...

Sister Raddatz, I found you through a really random way. I am so glad to have found you. It looks like all is well with you. The Spradlins are truly a gem of a family. Good times for sure.
Sister Neumann

Andrea said...

LOVE the blue headband!!! You have so much fun. Can't wait to share some with you next month!!!

Shelly Karren said...

Hed, you look fantastic, especially with that battle wound. Can't wait to see you in Boston next month!!!

Stace said...

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