Friday, September 4, 2009


I have a deep love and passion for backpacking. There are few things in life that I'd rather do than backpack. There's something about packing everything I'll need to survive on my back for days at a time. I love to be outside. I always tell my students that if there was any way we could have class outside everyday, rain or shine, I'd do it. I love the fact that my only concerns in life are when I'm going to eat my dinner and where I'm going to set up camp for the night. I love pitching my tent and taking it down. I'm quite particular about that one. I love organizing everything in my backpack over and over again. I love walking for hours and hours to my next destination. I love the fact that my mind is so clear. I'm the most content when I'm backpacking.

This summer I got to go on some amazing backpacking trips. I'm super grateful for fabulous friends who share my same passion.

Glacier National Park w/ my home teacher

I wish I could take credit for the following photos but when you're backpacking with Art Wolfe it's best to leave the picture taking up to him.
I so desperately wanted to see a bear but at the same time was terrified that I might. I spent the first few hours of the hike making as much noise as I could so as to not startle the bears. It was all in vain...we never saw any. Everyone we talked to had but we weren't as lucky.

We went over Memorial Day Weekend. We drove all through the night on Thursday (well not so much me as my HT...I mostly just slept), started hiking Friday morning, camped Friday and Saturday night, hiked out Sunday, and drove through the night Sunday. It was a lot of driving but well worth the beautiful scenery that we saw.

Upper Muley Twist Canyon w/ Shells and Crow

There's nothing like good Southern Utah backpacking with two of my dearest friends, Shells and Crow.  Upper Muley Twist is rated five stars in my favorite hiking book and it definitely lived up to its rating.  It was amazing.  Typical Southern Utah with the beautiful red rock and amazing slot canyons.  We started our hike at about 4 PM.  Left our packs 3 miles in and hiked 9 miles through the rest of the canyon.  We finally got back to our packs at 11 PM.  It was an adventure hiking in the dark.  We got up the following morning and hiked out.  It was exactly what I needed.

The Redwoods w/ Scotty

I guess this would have to be my favorite backpacking trip this summer.  I went to the Redwoods with my fam when I was younger but we never experienced the joys of backpacking there.  We covered lots of ground and saw lots of different terrain.  It was spectacular 

Day 1: Drove to Redwoods.  Hiked 8 miles to campsite on the beach.

Day 2: Hiked along the beach for most of the day.  We saw lots of elk, a seal, cool birds, and lots of people.  I love hiking along the beach.  From the mouth of Scotty, "When you're hiking on the beach, everything seems real far but real close at the same time." Profound my friend and so true.  We watched the sunset…well I watched the sunset, Scott fell asleep on the sand waiting for the sunset.  He missed out.  It was beautiful.

Day 3: Hiked out and drove to next destination: Redwood Creek Trail.  This is the day where stubborn Heather kicked in.  The hike was along a creek.  It was a beautiful day and I couldn’t bear hiking on a trail when I could just walk in the water.  Scott stayed on the trail and I ditched for the water.  We lost each other for a bit and in order to save me Scott made a sign so I’d know which way to go.  We eventually caught up to each other and all was well.

Day 4:  This was my favorite day of  the whole trip.  We got up in the morning and went for a walk in the Tall Trees Grove.  Amazing!  There’s no way to capture how beautiful it was.  Then we packed up and hiked a few miles on the trail and spent the last five walking down the river.  It was nice and relaxing.  We ended our day with some great seafood in Crescent City and a long drive home with lots of taking turns driving so we wouldn’t fall asleep.


Stephanie said...

Good job for documenting all this! I guess maybe I should start backpacking huh? And those first pictures really are incredible. I'm sure glad your blogging again sis.

Lady Fox said...

About time. I love to see your adventures. You have so many that I will perhaps never get to experience. I need to live a little through you. Thanks for blogging.

Brenna said...

Promise me that someday we will do a backpacking trip together! I love it so much, and can't believe we never did one together. Great pics my dear!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful pictures! It makes me want to go again. Safe travels to Africa!

Heidi said...

Super, duper jealous.