Monday, October 19, 2009


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After our climb on Kilimanjaro, Chloe and I got to go on a 3 day Safari.  My favorite part of the safari was our guide, Sam.  He was perfect.  We had lots and lots of time with him so we did our best to learn everything we could.  Good guy, we really lucked out.



We spent one day in Lake Manyara, one day in Ngorongoro Crater, and one day in the Tarangerie.  It was all so incredibly beautiful.  So typical of the Africa we think of in America.  Beautiful scenery, incredible trees, and amazing animals.  It was so so so dry and quite hot.  It will start raining in a few weeks and everything will turn nice and green but for now there’s just a whole lot of dust.

The highlight of the trip was seeing the lions.  I’ve been on a couple other safaris and had yet to see a lion.  I was paranoid that it would happen again but fortunately we lucked out and saw five lions.  They were magnificent.  Seriously, it’s like you have to whisper when in their presence.

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We also saw two cheetahs chillin’ out by a rock:

DSCN0677 DSCN0684

And a leopard eating a warthog in a tree:

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There were plenty of elephants, zebras, giraffes, monkeys, water buffalo, impalas, wildebeest, hyenas, dik diks, and birds to keep us highly entertained.

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The trees were amazing:

DSCN0748 DSCN0642  DSCN0745DSCN0724 

This was also the first time I’ve ever seen an ostrich outside of the zoo:


And way off in the distance you can see some tiny little pink dots…Flamingos:


This was the view from where we ate lunch:

DSCN0740 DSCN0741

It was all so AMAZING!!!  The perfect way to end our 3 1/2 week adventure.  Now on to a 10 hr bumpy, hot, and dusty drive to Nairobi, a quick farewell to my sweet traveling partner Chloe, a sleepless night at the airport, and a flight to Zambia.


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Jaron said...

Wow Heather this is absolutely amazing. Makes me jealous and homesick for South Africa. I did 4-5 safaris myself and can definitely relate to how incredible the scenery and wildlife are. I'm jealous!

Brenna said...

Hed you are living the dream! And I'm vicariously living through your blog! Such great pictures! Hope you keep having fun, you are in my prayers and can't wait to read more!

haylie said...

Dear Heather,

AAAAAHHH!!!! I am SO excited about these pictures it's ridiculous. Love you! So grateful for your blog and the ability to keep up. Three cheers for the internet.

Also, I'm not sure how much online time you actually have but some of our wedding pictures are posted:

Missed you. Be safe.

Have fun, be fun.

Shelly Karren said...

Hed. I've been thinking about you and hoping you're having the time of your life! It appears you are. Wish I could see it with you.
xox Shells