Sunday, January 24, 2010

To My Dearest Most Wonderful Sister

farewell 002

Here’s the deal…for Stephanie and I birthdays are a BIG deal…especially our own birthdays.  We were fortunate enough to both be born in January so once New Year’s is over and January 1st comes along the focus turns to our birthdays.  Fortunately, mine comes first :).  Stephanie’s follows a week and a day later on January 27th.  Instead of celebrating birthDAYS we celebrate birthWEEKS. 

Here’s my dilemma…Stephanie is so much more creative and fun and better at planning things than I am.  She goes all out for my birthday and I’m always left in awe at how I can ever top what she’s done for me.  I never do and the same goes for this year.  As a matter of fact, I usually just end up copying what she does and doing it to her…which is exactly what I’m doing now.

On my birthday she sent me 33 emails (I LOVE getting emails) listing 33 reasons why she loves me.  It was so nice of her and I appreciated it so much.  So as my tribute to my dear little sis and best friend Stephanie I’m going to broadcast to the world (or the few of you who actually read this)    28 things I adore about Stephanie.

1.  Her love for pajamas


3.  My eye fits so well in her forehead

4. Her kettle corn

5.  The new clothes she’s always buying and then returning

6.  Her incredible cakes (especially the ones she makes for my birthday)

7.  She doesn’t stress out

8.  She has the most beautiful angelic voice of anyone I’ve ever heard

9.  She creates the most adorable children…I can’t wait to see baby #3

10.  She has always supported me in everything I do

11. She’s the best party planner

12.  Whenever I don’t want to exercise I just call her and she tells me I don’t have to

13.  She lets me be me

14.  The love we share for birthdays

15.  She listens to me go on and on and on and on…

16.  She’s hilarious and makes me gut belly laugh every time I talk to her

17.  She’s super patient with my never ending mood swings

18.  Movie nights at her house

19.  She cooks me dinner…a lot

20.  Her uncanny ability to just be

21.  Her love of the gospel

22.  She’s always up for anything

23.  Shopping excursions

24.  She never swears

25.  Game nights with lots of yummy treats

26.  Our sleepovers…highlight of my life

27.  She’s my best friend

28.  And finally I love Stephanie because she loves me just the way I am.  She accepts everything about me…good and bad.  I go to Stephanie when I need to know that I’m OK just the way I am.  She has the power to help me see life from a different perspective…a much more calm and peaceful one.  She helps bring me back to reality and helps me see what really matters.  Her love means more to me than she’ll ever know.  I’m so blessed to have her as my sister and dear friend.

Happy Birthday Chews!!!  I love you!!!


Heidi said...

I'm trying not to feel bad that you kept calling Stephanie your best friend. Where do I belong in this little duo of yours? And how come noone thinks I'm capable of making a birthday special? January is always such a stressful month for me! Noone brought me presents when mom died. (I'm sorry. I just couldn't resist my own little pity party. It's so fun!)

Stephanie said...

Heheh, funny that Heidi got here first, becuase my comment changed just a bit after reading hers! :) I read this at the perfect time today. The kids were in the bath, Jake was off studing somewhere, and my house was peaceful and clean. And then I get to read all these great things about little ol' me! Thanks for thinking I'm great even though I think I'm pretty average. I'll miss you this Wednesday, but I'll just read this again for my little pep talk! You are the best Hed. Keep up your awesomeness!

p.s. I even cried!

p.p.s shut up Heidi ;)

Kelsey said...

Ditto to everything you said! I love her too! Even after all these years!

Lady Fox said...

Stephanie is great! I got to spend a bit of time with her this summer and it was wonderful. Happy Birthday Head...Happy Birthday Steph...