Saturday, October 30, 2010

My Pops’ Visit Part 3


I took Dad to visit my sweet little son Evans.  I thought he would be quite content with the public transport situation but I was wrong.  It wasn’t the most comfortable ride for him but we survived.




Here’s just a little sidenote for you about this visit (I didn’t find this out until a few months later)…everyone in the picture below was sick sick sick.  Evans said they all had malaria.  It made me sad that they were so sick.  I found out later that it wasn’t actually malaria, the sister-in-law had poisoned the food.  She was pregnant with another man’s child and was trying to abort the baby so she poisoned the food without anyone knowing.  She did kill the unborn child and almost killed everyone else in the process.  Fortunately, Evans is no longer staying with his brother.  Not a good situation.


We got home to find Febby plucking chickens.


Later that night we attended the wedding for Fred Likonge’s son.  I was so happy that Dad got to see an African wedding with all the dancing and food and festivities.  It was a fun evening.




The next day we went to the hospital.  I hate this hospital.  I’ve included a separate blog about the hospital but here are some pictures.

The signs above these babies say, “No Mum, please feed”


The hospital charts all hand written.


Charity the head nurse.


Outside the hospital.


After we left the hospital we headed over to the Kabwata Market.  This is a quaint little market in the city of Lusaka.  I love this place.  It’s filled with so many fun things.  Dad also enjoyed himself.  It took us forever to decide what to get the nieces and nephews but I think we did a great job gathering everything.

 IMG_0144 IMG_0145

We visited with my friend Matilda.  I love this woman.


We went and saw my dear friend Thelma at Kilimanjaro Cafe (she is currently working as a permanent sub at our school…I love having her around everyday).  


Alice also came and visited while we were in Lusaka.  It was fun having her around.  


On Monday we headed out to the farm.  We made a stop at Jacquie’s mom’s shop to pick something up for Jacquie.

 ZamDad 202

We stopped at Zambike so Pops could meet my favorites, Chrispen and Benjamin.

ZamDad 213

Made a trip to see Miriam and Elizabeth, my dear sister and her daughter.

 ZamDad 215

Stopped at the shop where I buy all my sweets and fritas and so I could greet Livenice.

ZamDad 217

Took some pictures of the charcoal men.

 ZamDad 219

After a few hours we finally around at The Farm where we spent the next couple of days with the kids.  Out of the whole trip, I think this was Dad’s favorite part.  He loved spending time with these kids.  He loved seeing the school. 

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved having Dad there.  It was wonderful sharing my African life with him.  I loved that he got to see all I’ve been doing these past couple of years.  I loved that he got to meet all these kids that I consider my own.  I can’t begin to tell you how many times the tears flowed down his cheeks.  It was a miracle and blessing to have him there with me.  I can’t wait for him to come back.

The kids

 164w-alice 164zz

Dad fell in love with this little Justina.  It’s hard not to, she’s so adorable and she loved Pops.





The kids did their program for Pops.  I loved watching them dance and sing.

165b  165d




The school



IMG_5557      IMG_5653 IMG_5671

There was a snake in the Insaka so we moved school to the warehouse.  Everyone is so afraid of snakes in this country.  It took a while to coax them back into the Insaka.

 IMG_5689 IMG_5706

The dead goat, just chillin’ out in the kitchen.  This is what they had for dinner that evening.  As always, I declined the food.   


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Stephanie said...

Really? You have to end with the goat picture? Now I can't think of any of the other wonderful things you talked about. I really love seeing pictures of dad in Africa though. I still can't believe that he made it there. :)