Saturday, January 22, 2011

October Highlights

The school now has a girls and boys football team.  George is the coach and I’m the assistant coach (which means I just give support).  We’ve been playing against other community schools in the area.  The kids love it.  They practice three or four times a week and are improving. 

We had our first “away” game.  The whole school walked about hour to the Chitukuko Village School.  We lost both games but had fun doing it.

Here are the girls with their coach…


The boys on the sidelines cheering on the girls…


The coach…


Playing on the field…


Another eventful moment of the month was Ethel’s baptism.  Ethel is the sweetest most helpful, not to mention, beautiful girl.  She’s delightful to have around.  She’s always telling me that she’s praying that I’ll find a husband.  She’s incredibly dedicated to the gospel and I often find her studying her scriptures after everyone has gone to bed.  I was so happy to be able to witness her baptism.


Jacquie and Lord got married in South Africa.  I’ll include all the details of the wedding in a different post.

Zambia celebrates their Independence on October 24th.  Faith was kind enough to put together an Independence celebration for the kids.


There was a competition in three different areas.  Fagness and I were the judges and the winner received a prize.

The first category was dancing.  These kids can dance.  It was a tough choice but Ethel came out on top.


The next category was miming (lip sync) / singing.  It was so fun to watch them act out their song.  There was no question on the winner this time…Festos all the way.  He’s fabulous. 


The final category was a fashion show.  These kids know how to strut their stuff.  Diana was the winner of this event.


The rest of us enjoyed watching it all happen.


We ended the Independence celebration by giving the Sakala’s a big farewell.  They’ve been with MWB for over six years and left at the end of the month.  The kids all wrote them cards.  We sang them a song and gave hugs to bid farewell to our dear friends.  Not sure what I’m going to do without Victor and Vincent.  They’ve been with me since the beginning.  The Sakala’s will be missed.


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