Friday, April 1, 2011

School Updates

Parent Day

We started our second year at the school with another successful parent day. I think we had every parent show up (for the kids outside the CRC). I loved being able to introduce the new teachers and the new headmaster. I have loved working with these parents and their children.


Here they are waiting to get their reports.


Giving a thumbs up to Rozaria’s mom because Rozaria is doing such an awesome job.


We have parent day at the start of every term. It’s nice to be able to connect with the parents and let them know how great their kids are doing.

New Classroom

We have a new classroom and it’s beautiful. We’ve been meeting in the little hut on top of the termite hill and now we have an actual classroom with desks and everything. It’s such a blessing.


Before picture…




The Teachers

Our teachers are absolute dynamite. I just can’t even begin to tell you how lucky I am to have such awesome teachers. They’ve made my job so much easier and I’m confident that when I leave in August the school will be in good hands.

From left to right: Lord, Thelma, Me, Brenda, Phales, and George


Lord is the headmaster. He also teachers a grade 1 math class and a grade 1 reading class.

Here he is with his reading class…


George also teaches one hour of reading in the morning.


Thelma teaches the Grade 1&2 class.


Brenda teaches the Grade 3&4 class.


Phales teaches the grade 5&6 class.


We had a wonderful volunteer from the States come and stay with us for a month. Austin was a huge help to us.


The whole school



Stephanie said...

These pictures are amazing. They really are. And I love your new classroom and your AWESOME hair. You look hot! Is that water working yet? Hummmmm, I think I need to call you.

Heidi said...

Love it!! So neat to see what you have done and how much has been accomplished at the school. I especially love the picture of you with the parents. Beautiful.

Shelly Karren said...

Hed, you are incredible! This is what it means to truly make a difference.