Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zambian Pictures

Doing the dishes.

This is what it looks like every morning at breakfast time. The kids sit outside with their "Samp" and eat. I just loved this moment so I had to capture it.

I found these little boys playing in the dirt on the way home from school one day. They were being so cute throwing dirt on each other and fighting over the sticks. The one boy looked so sick but seemed to be having so much fun. It reminded me of when Holly had her goopy eyes and nose and was still herself.

Evans, his brother, nephew, and sis-in-law (8 months pregnant), outside his house. I sure do love that boy.

Our "classroom", also the dining room where the kids eat every night. There's about ten more kids but they weren't in this picture. Love it!

Some good 'ol fashion African dancing.

This is how the kids are transported to church every Sunday. There are about fifteen of them in the back of the tiny truck. Crazy!!!

Eric and I preparing our hands for dinner. The Nschima is the white stuff and the relish was a yummy soybean something or other. Yummy!!!! Really it was super good.

Eric and his sweet little wife, Patricia. It was so fun spending the day with him. His wife is two months pregnant. So excited to see the little morsel next summer when I come back.


Stephanie said...

Great pictures!!! I love that you are able to see Evans. Also, I love the one of you teaching, and of course dancing. You were born in the wrong country! : ) I love you

Stacie Raddatz said...

Love the pictures. Keep 'em coming! Glad to see you.

Mirm said...

Love that you are living in the present. Can't complain about nothing because of what I see you doing. Love you so much... Prayers are with you.

Raddad said...

Interesting, isn't it. We set about to do something and, in the end, we often do so very much more than we set about to do. We go about to touch a heart in Africa, to teach a soul in Africa, and yet your influence reaches out across the world and touches hearts here and teaches us perhaps more than than you teach those who you set about to teach. My favorite saying applies somewhat here. "How wonderful life is, and how boundless the influence." Those are the things I know are happening because of your willingness to give yourself to the people of Africa. I wish I could see the countless lives that are touched that neither of us will ever know about. Love you and keep up the great work. Dad

Shelly Karren said...

I have to say, you totally fit in with these people, Hed. Your expressions tell it all! Love ya.

Heidi said...

I can't believe I'm going to meet all your awesome friends in just two weeks. Woo hoo!!!

Brenna said...

Thank you for taking the time to post all of the pictures. My life needed them, and you!

You continue to be such a blessing in my life Heather.
I love and miss you very, very, very much!

You are in my prayers, and you will accomplish all that you need to... you always do!

islandchik said...
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islandchik said...

Heath....I'm so proud of you and I must say a little envious! You are truly living. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us. I've always said you were the one that trained me! You still continue to teach me!! Thank you for that :) Love ya!